Posted on: September 7, 2012

It has been a good day. I got a 20 Euro gift in the mail from Elizabeth’s friend. Just in time to buy fish and rabbit food. 🙂 I got my swap from my swap-bot partner in the mail. It was a small box and it had Apple butter and Apple Syrup. She lives in Washington near Bellingham. The swap for a small gift that started with A. She is very late getting hers to me due to life problems. She is such a sweetie. I haven’t seen or eaten Apple Butter in over 20 years. I am excited to eat it again after all these years. I have never even seen Apple syrup! 🙂


The store has been VERY busy, thank the Lord for that.


Michael-John’s English teacher called. He starts English class this Monday instead of next Monday. He is not going to like that. (poor kid) Both my boys were skating all day at Kamari. I am happy they got to go and that they went together. Maria joined them after she got off work and took them some Kalamakia and bread to eat. She is such a sweetie. I have been blessed with GREAT kids. I wish I could up load some photo’s so you all could see how they look. I am their Mom so you won’t believe when I say they are good lookin’ lol! 😛


Maria is worried. Her boyfriend was at work when a tool slipped from his hand and nearly cut off one of his fingers. They flew him on the Medi-copter to Crete for surgery. We hope he will return tomorrow. We’ll see! So those of you who know that prayer works please pray for this young man that my daughter loves.


I made Greek salad on top of lettuce for lunch. Taki went home and made a chicken soup to go with it. I am working late so he can go to see Panathaniakos (PAO prononced POW for short) play. It is his only pleasure that we can afford at this time. I have my postcard swaps and a few other small gift swaps and he has his football games or soccer games for America.


OK! It is close to closing time. I have had wonderful customers. It has made my night all better. Thank you for being here, love from Deb


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