typical day of houswork, reading, leftovers, the season

Posted on: September 4, 2012

The days are hot and sunny. The nights heavenly cool and just right for sleeping. Fira is less crowded day by day. That means the Summer season is coming to an end. That feels good too.

Maria bought a new phone, that means Taki gets his old one back. Maria’s boyfriend Yannis got a new phone too. That means George gets the good phone back that I found that he had given to Yannis, lol! I have been using Takis phone number with the phone that Elizabeth and Regina bought me. It sure feels good that we will all have phones now. Not having a home phone are Internet at home is, is, is, well it sucks. With our cell phones we can all talk to each other for free. 

Washed dishes, did laundry but lunch will be leftovers. That’s OK. I made potatoes yakni (yak-nee) yesterday. They are so very good. That is another recipe I learned from my Mother-In-Law. If you want the recipe just let me know. I am on the second book of this series. I am borrowing these from Galatea and she hasn’t even read them yet. I am enjoying them as much as I did the Twilight series. Speaking of Galatea I am excited to be going there tomorrow night for a burger from Dave’s place and hopefully a movie.

George and Geurgen are here, George is playing a game on M-J’s PSP that his Grammy sent him. Geurgen is watching. 

The store is very quiet. So I am getting to read a lot of emails.

OK, my shift is coming to an end and I live in fear of losing another post by forgetting to post it so by for now, with love from Deb


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