Posted on: August 25, 2012

There is so much that I haven’t written. This month is always exhausting. I have been working seven days a week since April. April and May I was working up to 12 hours a day. I went on the 2am ferry to Athens with Taki and it was a good trip. Vasillies picked up. We went to a paid parking place. Walked until we found the right building and  sat and waited for six and half hours for about 7 minutes to get the paper we came for. 

So the biggest surprise of this trip was when Taki told me it was going to be him and me. Taki had recently been to Athens to attend the funeral of an old friend. So he had a favorite spot to lay down. We went there and it was empty he was tickled. I layed down on a beach towel. Taki just layed down. lol I slept surprisingly well. I brought 2 ham and cheese sandwhich’s and two peanut butter and jelly sandwhich’s. I brought beers and chips too. Turns out we ate and drank nothing. Just layed down and slept.

Vasillies met us at the port. It was nice to see him. He is a little grayer but still skin and bones. lol Taki and him talked about the best way to get where we were going. We found paid parking as close as possible. I suggested parking closer where other cars were parked and no signs saying no parking, oh well. From the parking garage we walked for awhile. It is a beautiful area for walking. I wore Summer pants and athletic shoes. I was thinking ahead and awful glad I did.

We got to the building where the office we needed was. It was chaos…

more later…love from Deb


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