Passport, Athens…

Posted on: August 16, 2012

Our re-newed passports arrived today. Taki wanted me to leave tonight. The office where I am going is open Tuesday and Friday only. I decided I will leave on Monday night instead. The ferry leaves at 2am and arrives about 8am. This will give me time to catch up on laundry. I am hoping Maria will go with me, if she doesn’t I am taking Michael-John. My nerves are already acting up on me. I HATE traveling. OH WELL! Part of me is excited but the majority is already sleepless and filling my stomach with nerves. This will be the beginning of me being here legally after 21 years of illegally. lol….This will also mean that I get the benefits of working and living here legally. I hope to get a fast food fix American style while on the mainland. It will be my first taste of a McDonalds or some other place like that in about 15 years. Michael-John doesn’t even know what a McDonalds is. Imagine if I can get him to a Kentucky Fried Chicken place! YEAH! Aren’t I a horrible Mom, wanting my 12 year to taste American junk food on our trip to Athens? I have been talking with Galatea off and on. She says form the little info I gave her, that I got from Taki, the office is near her family apartment in Athens. That will be great. I was there way back in 2007 also the last time Ieft the island.

OK, let’s change the subject…Help me to edit out some of the blogs I like to read. I do not have enough time in one day to read the ones I have chosen. This is sad. I have over 1500 emails. I am reading from July 25th right now.

I am unable to concentrate so that’s it for now.

be good to yourself and those around you, you will be rewarded, Deb 🙂


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