Posted on: August 12, 2012

Today I did the dishes and made potatoes in the oven. Two large thinly sliced potatoes, layered alternately with one large onion, also thinly sliced and one BIG clove of garlic from the garlic press. I oil my baking pan like I would for a cake but don’t put in any flour. I sprinkled on S&P and some oregano, then poured on some olive oil and some water. Bake until the potatoes are tender. The yucky part of this is that for the first time as I peeled my first BIG potato, I found a worm and the trail it had left. I gagged and tossed it and washed everything I had touched with soap and water. eeewwwwwwww…

I cleaned my kitchen balcony and it was also eeeeewww, even worse than the wormy potato. I give whatever cat is around treats out there from time to time. I RARELY go out there. I will no longer give treats to the cats there. oooohhh, I was gagging again. Now that balcony is shiny and pretty and I intend to keep it that way. I would like to sit there tonight with Taki and have something cold to drink and enjoy it. That means we would be out there about 1:30am. ;P

The big old cow that I look at everyday on the way to work was gone today. I assume her time came to be slaughtered. Why is it that I eat meat without hesitation until I think about the fact that a cow or hog had to die for it?

A tiny little house was stripped bare with only the skeleton remaining. I checked it out everyday on the way to work. Today it has two big shuttered doors and a small shuttered window. Funny how it seemed when they started that it moved so slow. Now that it is finished it seems to have gone by too quick.

When I got to work there was a pita waiting from Goglee’s Mom. It was a bean pita! I have never heard of or seen one. It was just white beans that had been boiled added in between two layers of homemade filo. I ate a piece. It tasted like beans and filo. She hadn’t added any seasonings. Weird.  It turns out she made it especially for my son George. 🙂

I saw a truck loaded down with a harvest of grapes on the way to work. The first one I have seen this year. 

Micheal-John and some of his friends are going to see Men in Black 3 tonight at the open air cinema. If money wasn’t an issue I would go see it again.

Taki is tired everyday now. I wish I could do something about it.

Taki has been coming about 19:00 it is 20:33 and there is no sign of him?


be good to yourself and others, love from me


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