potatoes and Poland

Posted on: August 11, 2012

A young woman from Poland buys potatoes, everyday. I asked her how she cooks with them after about a month of her buying them. She said most of the time just boiled and mashed. I would be in more trouble than I am now if I ate mashed potatoes everyday.  I like mine with loads of butter plus some S&P. This makes me wonder if this is common in all of Poland or she is an exception.


I miss snow cones and home made ice cream. The kind we had to churn and sit on when I was a kid.


I thoroughly cleaned the hall way of my bedroom today instead of doing the dishes. I am semi-proud of myself. Lunch consisted of my Mom’s tuna salad ( canned tuna, mayo, dill pickles and onions chopped) with the addition of some chickpeas. I liked it. I sure hope the hubby and kids will eat it that way. lol I watched another episode of “Army Wives” and only cried once. I read more of the book that Galatea loaned me, “A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin”. I hate putting it down. There or many more books to come. If they are half as good as this one, I am in trouble.

The store continues to be busy. Praise the Lord. This makes me feel better but not in a good way. I have noticed that I am not the only Summer worker struggling to keep up a happy front.

Taki is here and he brought my Boo-Boo, I get to leave early, YYYEEAAHHHH, be good to yourself and others, with love, Deb


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