2nd, 3rd,4th od August

Posted on: August 4, 2012

We have drinking water and running water, Praise the Lord. I made Taco’s today for lunch, traditional and soft. I sure wish I would have some beans to cook and then turn into re-fried beans. That way I could have made myself a deluxe bean burrito. he he he 

Taki and Michael-John went swimming yesterday and today, lucky boys.

It looks like I will be taking a one day trip to Athens. This is to get my papers for living in Greece legally after 21 years. I DO NOT want to go. Too bad so sad for me. When I go I am going to take Michael-John with me. That way it will seem be fun and I won’t be so nauseous about it. I hope to sqeeze in a trip to a skate park and/or shop for M-J. I want us to go and take the subway, trams and/or buses. Taki wants his brother to drive us. We’ll see. For my passport re-newal and my papers I had to go to a photo shop and get two sets of photo’s. These cost 10 Euro’s a set of four. ( about $27.00 for both sets) I will see the results of set #2 on Monday. Set #1 is the worst photo of myself I have ever seen.Before I go I have to get new glasses. For the second time in a year. I dropped them and one lense turned into tiny slivers. I am going to choose a new frame. Some of their frames are free.

I have more to say (as always) but don’t want to lose this post like I did the long interesting one from yesterday.

leaving you with laughter and love, Deb


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