VERY emotional day

Posted on: August 1, 2012

I forgot to take home drinking water and my monthly cycle needs last night. I don’t feel too bad about that. I worked a 12 hour shift. Taki was totally stressed this morning and asked me not to touch him. I got what I needed but didn’t bring any drinking water with me. I was really mad. I went to the toilet and found out we had no running water in the house. I freaked and tears dripped down my face. I don’t have a cell phone and Michael-John was out and about the neighborhood. I prayed that we had just ran out of water and that there wasn’t some kind of problem.

Everything settled down after that. The store has been very busy. Thank the Lord. Then the cash register receipt paper was finishing. I started searching for a new roll. I found exactly zero. I went to the tavern next door. Theirs was smaller than mine. I put in a small roll for another thing we have here. The receipt came out white. lol and getting nervous, I prayed! I put in another roll of paper for a different machine. It was too small so some of the receipt couldn’t be seen. Customers weren’t minding so I kept going. Soon a guy who is a regular came in. He had just off work. He was tired and ready for a cold beer and home. I said you come here. I pulled him aside, I explained the problem and asked him to go get Goglee. He said, “NO! Tell me which paper you need and where to get it!” This guy went to Fira for me. I cried with JOY and PRAISED the LORD! This time of year Fira is one way and there is no parking near the bookstore that sells the paper. I cannot name you anyone else who would have done that for me. We have no phone at home and Taki doesn’t have a cell phone. Goglee’s phone doesn’t get a signal at his house.

We still have no water at home and it is 20:21!!! 

I promised M-J to take him to see Ice Age 4 tonight and I sure do not want to go but I am going. He got a package from our Austrian friends today. All kinds of wonderful things that he can use in his first year of Jr. High School. He was tickled. Those gals are just too good to us.

OK! Taki came I have to go. love love love and more love, Deb


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