Posted on: July 27, 2012

I washed about half the dishes, did only 2 loads of laundry, over slept and made Michael-John miss English class. He will get the lesson(s) from another kid. We had cold cereal for breakfast. I did some postcards, took a shower, tried not to complain about the heat. I made my goal of not pigging out on junk food at the shop. Maria brought me her second chicken souvlaki (she could only eat one), that helped me meet my goal. I am taking banana’s, cooking chocolate and some peanuts home with me. I am going to make the boys some frozen banana’s on a stick. I wish I had mini-M&M’s instead of peanuts to coat them in before I freeze them. I hope the boys will like them. I plan on finishing the dishes and doing another load of clothes when I get home. We need sheets but where should I go to buy them and where will I find the money to buy them? I miss emails and snail mail from anyone I know. My shift will soon be over, thank God. It has been busy and that makes it all worth it. Also two Greek families came in. One spent 50 Euros and the other 68 Euros. That is the good part about Greek tourists. They eat and drink. No nibbling for them. lol

George worked his shift and then went to another friends house here in Imerovigli. He is waiting for me to pick him up. 


Maria came by gave me a kiss, her extra food and left. lol


In the shop I removed 6 cakes that had expired. I found the first one when I went to ring it up for a customer. The others were from the same company but different. BUMMER! Sometimes we can return them and sometimes we can’t. Let’s hope this six baby’s will be replaced by new ones in a trade off. lol


I still seem to be in a bad mood most of the time and easily irratated which annoys me in itself.


I am also bored with cooking in my step above camping stove situation!!!


OK! That is enough complaints from me….as always with love, Deb


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