every 50 days

Posted on: July 26, 2012

I have my monthly cycle. This one is one of the weirdest. The cramps are mild, the flow is VERY light but I want to sleep all the time. When I am not at work or sleeping I am just kind of in a daze. Also I have an almost non-stop headache.

Michael-John went shopping with me for one of my mail swaps yesterday. It was great having him with me. I bought him a phone card. It gives him 600 minutes to talk and 600 messages for one month. If he doesn’t use it he loses it. lol! He found his really old cell phone that works most of the time.One lady gave M-J and me these tiny little “eyes”. They are on tiny gold safety pins. Mine has a tiny pink fish on the bottom. I love it. When I told her I wanted to buy one for my sisters new Grandson. She said no you can’t buy one. This is for him. That tickled me. All the places we went the ladies were very helpful and friendly. I went back to work and M-J went to his friend Christana’s house.

Today I got only some mail things done and a shower. When I go home I plan on getting some work done. Mainly clothes and dishes. Taking out my recycling. I have about ten large garbage bags full.

George got off work and went to a friends house here in Imerovigli. Later he took the bus to Oia (ee-uh) to go swimming with other friends.

Michael-John didn’t come to work with me today. When Taki called him on his cell phone he got no answer. Taki went swimming without him. I got an irrate call from my youngest because his Daddy didn’t keep trying.

Taki is making “lunch” today. It is called beef-steaky. That means hamburger patties baked in the oven with potatoes. So I will have a very good dinner tonight.

Maria stopped by for two minutes after to work to give me a hug and a kiss. She was getting a ride home from a friend and he was waiting. She met her boyfriends Mom recently and liked her.


OK, my dear loved ones that is it for now…love from me to you…


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