The letter A!

Posted on: July 25, 2012

I signed up awhile back to do a swap that I thought would be fun. It has turned into a headache.  Needless to say I won’t be joining up for the rest of the alphabet. It is to be sent today and I have nothing! I wanted the car today but Taki needed it. He and Michael-John are off in the car now. When they get back I will go to Fira to try and find something. The only thing I have so far is to try and find some kind of Angel! Also my cramps started up on me…YIKES! Why today and why now? HELP! lol or at least trying to…


1 Response to "The letter A!"

hello darling! you can always send them my angel from the side of the road! hahahahaha, though shipping might be a little more than you want….. i hope that you are feeling better my dear! i went to yoga today with anastasia and i admit i feel fantastic!!!!! enjoy the day, lots of love, g

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