“Just another manic Monday” or is it Tuesday?

Posted on: July 24, 2012

So did I tell you all that Maria has a digital camera? I hope someday to be on a computer that will let me download and share photo’s with you all.

George missed work today because four girls came from Crete for a visit. He partied all night with them last night. They left today but will be back in September. I don’t know if I told this or not but he passed in school so next year he will be the equivalent of a Junior in High School. He is doing agriculture type classes. Between working, swimming and going out at night he hasn’t skated for a while.

Michael-John didn’t want to go swimming with Taki today because he played football (soccer) with the big boys last night. He blocked a goal with his knee and it was hurting bad last night and this morning. Last night he asked me to massage it but all I did was tickle or hurt him so he asked me to stop. LOL! About 14:00 he decided  to go after all. I hope he had a good time.

I made bacon cheese burgers for lunch today. I was in almost heaven mode when I ate mine. I brought one to work in case my Baby George or my Boo-Boo might be hungry. Baby George gobbled it up and loved it. Maria passed by long enough to grab her bikini and give me a kiss. She caught a cab to Kamari for a swim. BRAVO Boo-Boo moo! LOL!

It has been pretty busy today. I am happy with that. I am going to the outdoor cinema tonight. One of my favorite places on the island. I will meet Galatea there. We will watch “Snow White and The Huntsman”. I have been picking Taki up at 01:00 every night. Last night I sat the alarm and took a nap. I was just too sleepy after two gin and tonic’s. Tonight I won’t have that problem I will check on the kids and then drive up to get Taki.

It was up to 35c (95f) again today. Almost too hot. Inside the house it hasn’t gotten past 28c (82.4f) yet. I am so grateful for that. I leave you all with much love, many hugs and kisses…Deb


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