good and bad news

Posted on: July 22, 2012

Maria bought herself a  digital camera. The very day I had told her that I wanted to buy one that we could all share. It is an awesome pink with a leather carrying case. I LOVE it! 

Michael-John was using my phone because he is home alone a lot of the time. One day we stopped on the way to work. He called George, they talked for a minute. That was the last time my phone was seen. I had some photo’s on there that I would share when I could. I am so sad.


We are all doing good. The laptop that I borrowed so I could get on Facebook died on me. I am waiting for the owner to return to see what will happen. I am going to offer to have it fixed.


I’ve noticed the older I get the more the heat gets to me. I still prefer it to being cold. lol


We are all in good health. We are all fed up with working 7 days a week but that is life on a tourist island.


I will try harder to write more often. with much love, Deb




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