Posted on: July 8, 2012

My only excuse for not writing is that I am tired most of the time. There was about ten days in a row and the least hours I worked in one day was twelve. The other days were 13 and 15. It was the football (soccer) playoffs for Europe. Then Taki got real sick. It was tuff. I only survived it because the Lord never gives me more than I can handle and I prayed.


We are all doing good. Taki is back on his feet and getting better everyday. We are working but we are breaking even. We are saving wooden crates from the fruit deliveries to help in the Winter. A penpal from the USA sent me some fruit pectin. I am going to try my hand at making peach jam. I am so excited!


George works in the store in the mornings. He goes swimming with his friends in Oia (ee-uh) or with Taki and Michael-John after work most days. He gets Sundays off. I found a really good cell phone awhile back. It was broken open laying on the floor of a big market. I wanted Maria to have it and George could take her old simple one. uh-uh George said no way, that phone is MINE! A few days later the silly bugger had an ugly old phone from the 1990’s. I asked him what happened to fancy phone that I had found. He said he traded it to Maria’s boyfriend. HUH? I told him to get it back and give the fancy one to Maria, NOPE! rotflol, KIDS!!!


Maria works her little bottom off. She was hired as a receptionist. She does that and whatever else needs doing. The only thing she doesn’t do is haul suitcases for the tourists. lol When she gets off she is exhausted. Her phone got wet and quit working so she is using Takis. He has no cell phone now. he he he…


Michael-John is collecting pop can tops that are colored. I drink some weird things so he can have the colored ones. Sometimes we do strange things for our “babies”. The only one I drink that I don’t like is the Red Bull sugar free. It has imitation sugar in it and that leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth. Recently he woke up with a yelp and started crying. Something had bit him. We think it was a Santorinian centipede. They are about four inches long and their “armor” is almost rock hard. He is still freaked out enough not to sleep in my room EVER again. He had wanted to sleep with me that night so I let him. It swelled up a little. Taki put vinegar on it. By morning the swelling was gone. It left a welt that is gone now. Poor kid. He lost his swimming mask. George borrowed his bike and brought it back with the chain broken. He is having a streak of bad luck. The day he bought swimming flippers, he tripped on the way out of the store, stumped his big toe and it started bleeding.


I am going to the outdoor cinema tonight. It is one of my favorite places on the island. Men in Black 3. I find Will Smith very attractive. I would watch almost anything with him in it. Also the first two movies cracked me up. I miss you all so very very very much. More this time of the year because once the tourists realize I am not Greek they ask about family and how I do it without seeing you guys. 😦 OK! I am stop now before I start crying here in the store…with love…Deb




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