mixed emotions today

Posted on: June 22, 2012

Today is the funeral for the Dad of a girl who the kids have grown up with. She has an older sister but I barely know her. (Nefeli the younger sister practicaly lived at our house for awile.) Taki knew him. I only knew him well enough to say hi if we passed in the street. He has been fighting Cancer for the last few years. He was 53. Death is a part of life. I know that. I am sad for the loss of a man that I barely knew because I adore his youngest daughter. He will not see her graduate from H.S. or go to College/University or get married. Again I know this is a part of life. Didn’t Uncle Noel die at 32? I know about death. Maria was let off work from 11:30 until 16:00 so she can go to the funeral. (That was kind and generous of her boss. She assumed she would have to return to work after the funeral.) Nefeli is coming to our house to leave her sister’s dog for however long they need.

A freaky accident happened here yesterday. A brother and sister came from Athens with their lawyer for a one day trip here to fix some papers. They did what they had to do. They were on there way to Athinios (our port) to leave the island. Their car was found in the water. They all three died. No one knows for sure how they ended up in the water.


Michael-John is spending the day with a girl from his school. Both of them are friends with a Greek actor who is their age.  He is here on holiday and a break from work. (This girl’s Dad and the man who is being buried today are/were close friends and business partners.)


George is at home today. I don’t know if he will go to the funeral. He will work with me later today here at the store.


Tonight Greece plays against Germany for the finals in the soccer (football) tournament. I will work a double shift so Taki can watch the game.


Taki took our 90 year old friend to the eye Dr. He has a cataract that needs surgery. I was I was here at the store so Taki could take him. When they got back from the Dr. Michael-John and I walked up to the pharmacy. I bought medication for my period. It finaly started today. It has been on it’s way for the last two weeks…uugghhh. I only mention it because today I am going to do another VERY long work day. In the last week I had two 10 hour shifts, two 12 hour shifts, one 13 hour shift and one 15 hour shift. The day after the 15 hour shift I told Taki I was not going to the store in the morning. A friend picked me up around 14:30. I got some much needed sleep and housework done. I did those extra hours because of the soccer  (football) playoffs and Taki had a horrible stomach virus.


Elizabeth and Regina are back in Austria now. I got to see them two times while they were here for a week. I met them once at Kapari and once at the Tomatini’s new American Burger place. I loved the burgers. Michael-John liked them but the girls found it to be too heavy for them. I want to again. lol They as usual brought me presents. A pink bright Pink bag, a tiny coin purse shaped and painted like a Pink kitten head, filter coffee, a medium sized red Tupperware bowl, a small dark blue Tupperware bowl, postcards (mostly of cats), 50 Euros were inside the tiny coin purse, a huge chocolate for George and Michael-John, a small bag of Mozart chocolates for the boys too, a small bag of chocolates for me, a box of these caramel-nut-chocolate things for me,  a small bottle of Mozart Chocolate Schnapps for me (this Schnapps is not like the sweet stuff I used to drink in America, it is like White Lightening meets the hair of the dog that bit me), I also got a set of 6 tiny different flavored Schnapps in cute jug shaped bottles, some doilies, four pair of socks and that is all I remember for now. That is more than enough. They bring Galatea even more than that. They brought Galatea this incredibly beautiful scarf that I wish they had given me. Galatea was showing it off at the Kapari restaurant because she KNEW that I would LOVE it. lol


I have held you here long enough, have a great day with love, Deb


2 Responses to "mixed emotions today"

Dear Deborah, I love reading your blog! I hadn’t looked at it since you began it and I really enjoyed catching up. How bizarre about that freak accident; sounds like foul play.
Sorry to hear about the death. Zoe se sas!
I just read an article saying that the Greek pharmacies are running out of medicine. Is this true on the island?
Love, love, love you!

We are doing fine on medicines as far as I know Diana. We even have a pharmacy in Imerovigli now. Do you remember Millie? It’s her oldest daughter, Anna Maria that has opened it. Don’t forget to click follow so you get an email every time I write here. lol

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