My husband took my advice.

Posted on: June 12, 2012

Tuesday 12 June 2012

I always want to use our card to get into the parking lot behind our shop. It’s free for us. Taki always wants to park behind someone else in the free parking across the street from our shop. This means at some point he has to move the car to let someone leave. That means he parks where they were. Thus taking up a parking space that we don’t need. Anyway…this morning he took my advice, he took the parking card, swiped it, the gate lifted, he started pulling into the parking lot and poompfff…the drivers side front tire went flat as flat can be! So…

On Friday June 8th Michael-John at the very young age of 12 took a boat trip to the island of Folegenthros with his 6th grade class. I was so nervous until he got back. He loved it! He has posted a few photo’s on FB and I had him tag me so they can be on my page too. He brought me some postcards. That is what I asked him to bring me. He bought Maria a gorgeous scarf/wrap in the brightest prettiest dark sky blue. The funniest part of that is that she had gone shopping and bought a fancy pair of Summer shoes in the same color. M-J says everything there is more expensive than here on Santorini.

George went to take a final today with a sore throat. He can’t even swallow. Poor kid, not the right way to take one of your finals. I was planning to go home to make him tea and look after him. I can’t go anywhere with the flat tire.

We have had strawberries in the store the last few days. A lady on a blog I follow shared a recipe for No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake. I wrote  down the recipe and got excited about going home to make it. In between customers I decide to gather the things I will need to make the cake. I start lol…the strawberries some time last night after I left. OH WELL! This is the site that the recipe came from…



The weather today is horrible! The island is covered in fog and the sun is fighting to break through. Everything is heavy, damp and sticky.

I talked to Galatea earlier. Elizabeth, Regina and a cousin of theirs has arrived. YEAH!


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