today 27-05-12 May 27, 2012

Posted on: May 27, 2012

Not much new here. It was covered in fog this morning, again. Now it is almost as hot as Summer outside. The fridges we have inside make me feel like I am working in a fridge. lol We are still busy with tourists during the hours I work. About 99% of the tourists who come in the store are friendly and happy, this makes work a pleasure. We had only a 200 Euro profit for April. I hope this month is much better.  My 7 to 10 min. drive to work now takes at least 15 mins. That shows how many more people are here on the island.

I haven’t gone to church or swimming. I miss church. Taki and M-J go swimming almost everyday.

When I am home I feel numb. I am trying to pull myself out of it. I barely do housework and cooking has become a chore instead of a pleasure. I haven’t made any sweets of any kind for two months or more. My poor kids and me. I don’t watch much tv. I rented two movies last night to treat myself. One was so boring that I couldn’t watch it. This is very very very rare for me. The other one was The Tourist (Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie). I now know why it got bad ratings.

 An interesting thing happened on Friday. Two Jewish families came in the shop. They asked to leave a 100 Euro note with us. Why? It is so they can follow their religious beliefs. They cannot handle money from sunset of Friday until Sunday or Monday. So they come in and take things that they want or need. We attach the reciept to their 100 Euro note. We will give them their change when they can handle money again. One of the men even wore his “Kippah”. They also left money with the tavern owner next door for the same reason. I wanted to talk to them more about this belief. I haven’t seen them since then. One of the men came in to get an ice cream earlier today. We started talking about the island. I was waiting for the chance to ask about this money handling custom of his. His wife then came to get him and they left oh well. I shall look it up on the internet. 😛


I hope your day(s) are postive, be well, take care and don’t forget, “If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours”!


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