weather and the store computer 23/05/12

Posted on: May 23, 2012

The weather is the typical for us in April and May. Yesterday was one of those amazing days though. The entire island was smothered in fog. You could only see about one car link in front of you. Our European sized cars not those big old American ones. lol It was beautiful and creepy at the same time. Today the sun is out bright and warm but the strong wind is cold.


I got really frustrated with the computer and re-started it. Everything worked fine again. It turns out that I had somehow unlocked the numbers lock key and that was the whole problem. So I got mad at myself for all the drama. Next I changed the paper for the customer receipts. The first one stuck and then only gave me an error code for the next customer. I called Maria for help but she was waiting for her replacement to come. He was already a 1/2 hour late. She said just re-start the cmputer. I laughed and re-started the computer for the second time today. BROTHER! I still got an error on the customer reciept machine. So I called Maria AGAIN! She told me to re-start the computer AGAIN! I did!!! To my annoyance and frustration and irration and lost customers it gave the same error. Maria couldn’t leave the hotel and I didn’t know what else to try. I made an EXECUTIVE decision (snort cough snort) to turn off the computer. I turned it off. Took a deep breath, turned it back on and wah-lah! WE are doing just fine thank you very very very much! PHEW!


George called to tell that he me aced his first final. Michael-John went home with Taki to eat lunch, do his English homework and walk to English school. Yesterday M-J finally had enough money to buy the soccer shoes he wanted. He has saved and saved and saved. God Bless him and his control on spending. They are colored like the Spain soccer team. Maria was with us. She checked the pretty shoes in the store next to the athlectic shop. I saw a few from the window that I would like to have and with good prices.


Taki is a happy camper. I boiled up the beets and their tops for his lunch today. lol I will eat mine with oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and a chunk of Feta when I get home later. Ever present this time of the year is a “Greek” salad and always with fresh bread.


leaving you with love hugs and kisses, Deb


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