near disaster in the shop today 20-5-12

Posted on: May 20, 2012

Taki and I got to the store and it had no electricity. We couldn’t open the heavy metal gate that we installed years ago. (After being broke into for the third time.) The scariest part was that the neighbors had electricity. UH OH!!! We have a huge freezer inside, we have two huge refridgerators and one small inside. Outside we have two ice cream freezers and a small freezer with ice. We were scared! Taki screamed and cussed every thing and everyone. I prayed silently and tried not to cry. We tried to get everything going again. There are two places that something might have gone wrong. We checked the first one over and over and could find nothing wrong. Then out of the blue Taki remembered the one in the office. He flicked it back on and YEAH, thank God, everything was up and working again. Then we found out that the largest ice cream freezer had quit! Thus knocking out all electricity in the store. There is an electrician here that works for this ice cream company. Taki called him immediately. The guys says to Taki don’t ever call me at home again. Taki was surprised and asked if he had the right phone # and the right person.  This was the right guy. The electrician said to only call him on his cell phone from now on. Taki apologized again. Then this silly bugger tells Taki that he will only come to fix the freezer if the distributor of this ice cream brand calls him and tells him to. So Taki thanks the guy and calls the distributor. The distributors like, huh?, what? uh huh whatever I will call the repair guy. So the distributor calls the repair guy ON HIS CELL PHONE as requested. The guy won’t answer his cell phone!!! ANYWAY…the repair finally came and fixed the fridge. It was a lousy way to start a day.


By the way this is the norm here. With any all repair people. lol


Michael-John and George were in the bright sunshine playing with a basketball when I left the house for my 2nd shift at the shop.

Maria is working in the reception of the Hotel called “On The Rocks”. The first hotel she worked for in April hasn’t paid her. That is so messed up! I have been thinking I might call them and ask them to pay her. Then I think NO, she is 20 now let her take care of it.

It poured rain off and on yesterday. Today we are back to Summer like weather.

I miss you one and all, with love Debra


2 Responses to "near disaster in the shop today 20-5-12"

I’m glad it worked out.

Yes Jeromy, the most important part was that we didn’t lose the ice creams.

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