1st time

Posted on: May 17, 2012

Who knows if this will work, nobody!

It’s a cool cloudy day. Taki is taking Michael-John to get a shot.

M-J missed half of school yesterday. Taki took him to the pediatrician to get a shot he needs. The Dr. wrote the prescription. He has to have all his shots or they won’t let him play on the soccer team.

We want to support Ereni-Maria’s  pharmacy here in Imerovigli. She is the daughter of a friend. Taki took the prescrition to her. She ordered the medicine needed and Taki and M-J are picking it up today.

I hope Taki drops Michael-John off at school after he gets the shot. I can then go home early and  get some things done. Yesterday I had two hours at home and that isn’t enough time for me.

I set this blog up so I could click like on a recipe on someone else’s blog. rotflol. I have no idea what I am doing. I do hope someday to have my own computer and internet at home. That way I can make this into something. lol


Have a great day! with me in your thoughts and you in mine, Deb


4 Responses to "1st time"

Good for you for starting your own blog! I think you’ll have fun with it. I wish for you to have your own computer + Internet soon! Are there any free WIfi hotspots on the island?
You are giving me the courage to start my own blog!
Love you!

I got this Debra and thanks for the up date! See I guess you do know what you are doing!

I don’t know what I am doing but I am going to learn. lol

We love you!!!!

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